How do I book an appointment?
If we are not friends yet please use the contact form on this site prior to calling. You may also e-mail me your full name, phone number, the city you live in and at least 2 references from established providers. If you are a member of P411, Date-Check or whitelisted on TER please include your information, this will drastically speed up screening. Any information provided will be kept confidential. I do not answer calls I don't know so it is essential you complete this step first. However you are welcome to text me letting me know you have contacted me.

What if I don't have any references?
I can still work to verify you, please email me and we will work it out.

I'm new to this and I'm lost!
I know it can get overwhelming with all the etiquette, acronyms, do's and dont's. I HIGHLY suggest taking time to learn the ropes, it will make things much easier for both of us. There are a number of resources on the net. I suggest the forums on The Erotic Review. You will find all the information you need to make setting up your first appointment a breeze. You will also find reviews and information to help you choose the perfect companion who will blow you away. 

How come you haven't gotten back to me?
It's just me, no assistant, and there is a good bit of time that I'm unable to communicate. As much as I want to get back to you rite away sometimes it's just not possible. I am extremely busy and have quite a bit expected of me, sometimes I have to priortize, or take a day off! :) I always do my best to get back to you as soon as humanly possible so please be patient with me. However, unless you tell me I can get back to you anytime I will not return your call or text if more then a few hours have passed. I don't want to get anyone at a bad time. If you are obnoxious chances are I'm going to ignore you, unless you really annoy me, then I'm going to file you under "ass" and permanently ignore you. This includes calling 3, 4, 7 times in a row! If you have had a hard time getting me and have been polite I apologize, please try again. I wish I had time to return every call but it doesn't always work that way. Also, technology hates me! There is not a single form of communication I have not had issues with over the past few months so always try another method!

Do you provide references?
I am more then happy to give a reference. Please contact me prior to giving me as a reference. I consider out time together personal and will not give out any information without your permission.

What if I want to extend an appointment?
I am not at all a clock watcher, please don't take advantage of this.  If you would like more time together please discuss it with me, if I am able to I am more then happy to. Please remember to bring additional donations if you anticipate this.


What if I am late or have to cancel?
I understand that things don't always go as planned. If you are going to be late please notify me asap. If you are going to be more then 15 minutes late I may not be able to guarantee the full time. If you need to cancel please notify me at least 24hrs in advance. If you have booked an appointment that required a deposit and you cancel with less then 24hrs notice your deposit will be forfeited. In any case I am happy to reschedule our time together.

Can I bring you a gift?
As much as I appreciate the thought, the best gift you can give me is a review. However if you have something specific you would like for our date I am more then happy to oblige. I'm generally a small or 0-2, 6.5-7 shoe however sizing can vary quite a bit so feel free to contact me. You may find something you like here. If you would really like to do something for me, make a donation to New Vocations Race Horse Adoption. This is near and dear to my heart. www.horseadoption.com

Do you do doubles?
Yes I do! I have a number of friends who can join us. Please contact me to set it up. This can require more time to plan so please contact me well in advance.

Do you see couples?
I love seeing couples! These visits tend to take a bit more communication to work out the details of exactly what you desire. If BOTH of you would please contact me in advance to arrange things.

Do you do short notice appointments?
I much as I want to please everyone, I can't always. I will do my best though ;) Chances are if you want to get together in 45 minutes and that's your only time it's not going to work. With some flexibility on both our parts we just might be able to make it happen. I always say the worst you can get is a no. If we are already acquainted or you are a well established member of a verification site the chance's are much better.  If we are not yet acquainted please include ALL screening information in your INITIAL contact! Chances are if you contact me saying "free this afternoon?" I'm not going to respond. Why would I want to go out of my way to try and make a meeting work if you don't put the effort in on your end?

What are your hours?
I don't really have any, my schedule is very flexible and I try to work with everyone. I will warn you, I am not a morning person. I do not take unplanned late night appointments! I have no problem getting together late, just please plan in advance! I need to be able to plan my evening. You could be the nicest guy in the world but if you txt me at 11pm wanting to get together I'm going to assume your either drunk or not serious and ignore you.      

Do you take longer appointments?
I do. The more time we spend together the more intimate it gets. I am happy to arrange multi hour visits, overnights or extended trips. All appointments over 3 hours require a 50% deposit. This deposit is non refundable on cancellations less then 24hrs prior.

What happens when we meet?
Please ensure you are on time. I take my time and getting ready for our appointment seriously. If you are early please wait till our scheduled time, I use every minute to ensure I am at my best when you arrive. If you anticipate being late please contact me. At my incall a shower is available for you to freshen up if needed, I am happy to join you. Please leave my gift in a envelope in plain site within the first few minutes of our meeting.


What services do you provide?
I have a very inclusive menu and will try almost anything twice (the first time is a learning experience, the second time you really get to engage in it) Though some things do come with time. Please do not ask about specific acts, if you would like to know more I suggest you read my reviews. Any attempts to engage in unsafe discussion will promptly end the conversation.


Are you fetish friendly?
Yes I am; well, to a point. There are some lines I will not cross. Some services are not available for first time clients. I find it is much more enjoyable if we already have some familiarity and trust.  Please add 25% to my normal rate

I have another question
I have done my best to anticipate any questions. If I have left something out please feel free to contact me.